Gov. Deal says no to casinos

— A statement from Gov. Nathan Deal's office came Thursday after The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported about a Georgia Lottery Corp. study that suggested three casinos with a total of 10,000 gaming terminals could generate nearly $1 billion per year in revenue for the state as soon as 2014.

Deal is focused on other findings in the report concerning illegal forms of gambling in the state, Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said in a statement.

In August, Deal ordered a crackdown on illegal online gambling at Internet cafes. Robinson said Thursday that Deal has repeatedly said “there will not be an expansion of gambling under his watch.”

“[The governor] has focused his attention on the report’s finding that there are 10,000 illegal slot machines operating in Georgia, with each machine taking in approximately $200,000 and paying out $100,000 per week,” Robinson said. “The governor is concerned that these illegal machines divert millions of dollars away from the Georgia Lottery and the struggling HOPE [scholarship] and pre-k programs."

To cope with lottery revenue being outstripped by demand, lawmakers reduced the reach of the popular college scholarship and pre-kindergarten programs starting this school year.

The $91,000 study commissioned by the lottery examined the revenue potential for metro Atlanta sites in downtown Atlanta, Lake Lanier and Clayton and DeKalb counties.

The report also outlined potential for Savannah and Jekyll Island.


waltspecht 4 years, 1 month ago

I don't even begin to believe an illegal slot brings in $200,000 a week. Maybe a year but even thats doubtful. Plus a slot with a 50% return is definately programed wrong, even by Navada Gambling Commission rules. So how much was paid for this study? Plus, if we need the money, why keep allowing our Citizens and their spare cash go to the Casinos in other States. The study should have shown how many buses carry Georgia Citizens to these Casinos in other States. How many Fleights carry them to Las Vagas? They are still gambling, and Georgia isn't profiting from it. Also Casinos generate jobs, something we badly need. Lets open Radium Springs back up and help Albany out.


Yowsa51 4 years, 1 month ago

Thanks for standing firm, Gov. Deal. You can achieve revenue in other ways (internet taxation) without compromising.


TrixibelleBento 4 years, 1 month ago

Internet taxation?! What is wrong with you Yowsa? Let people have some fun. I'm one of those that travels every once in a while to a casino. I'd much rather my money stay here in GA, but the churches won't let it happen.


GAgranny 4 years, 1 month ago

It's a shame that Gov Deal doesn't want our money to stay in GA but give it to all the other states--good move on his part. Not only does the other states get the gaming revenue, they get the motels and food/drink revenue. How can they allow lottery yet condemn casino's..oh that's right--supposedly the lottery supports the Hope Grants (which I agree with) however why can't the casinos donate some of their revenue to the Hope Grant?? It is time to think about the benefits of having a few casino's in GA..jobs, taxes, revenue and most important--keep other voters happy just not the churches.


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