It's never too early to improve

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

It is almost that time again. You know, time for making resolutions to start some things and/or to stop others.

It is November already; the year nearly gone. It makes one reflect on how well she or he has fared in keeping those resolutions. As the new year approaches, I think about the new opportunities that come to make changes, to do better, to start fresh. However, I also believe that today is as good a day as any to begin reflecting on the ways we have progressed and/or the ways we've digressed and to learn from those experiences.

Why wait for the new year to roll in to implement positive and healthy changes in our ways of thinking, being, and doing? While the new year can feel like an annual clean slate, putting off what you can do right now for an uncertain tomorrow is not the most proactive way to go.

The thing about new year's resolutions is that they are often not kept for the long haul. Certainly you have good intentions as you are gearing up for your new beginnings, but what seems to happen after only a few months into the New Year is that you have lost your motivation and fail to commit to the changes you've verbalized.

The trouble with this, for some, is that because of all the traditional hype, anticipation, and expectation around making resolutions for the new year, once they've dropped the ball, they might reason that they will just try again next year.

Temporary enthusiasm is not the fuel that drives change. Steady determination is. It is perfectly alright that we fall short sometimes of the goals or resolutions we've set for ourselves. What is important is that we get back on track again and again, finding our "footing" through the slow and steady progress of trial and error. It is an error in thinking to believe that you have fallen too far off track to begin again. It is never too late to get back to doing what is good for you, your family, your health, your life. Likewise, it is never too early.

Change does not begin with a list, nor does it have to begin with a new year. Change begins with a desire and a new way of thinking-anytime of the year. You can decide for yourself, right now, today, that there are some things that you want to do better or differently that can add to the quality of your life in some way, great or small.

You do not have to wait until the new year to begin making changes or to get back on track. Assess your thinking patterns and how they have impacted the decisions you've made in the different aspects of your life. Do more of what has served you well and pay attention to that which has not and do something different -- today.

Be encouraged.

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