Former APD cop asks federal court to be released from jail

Vincent Wadley is being held in the Dougherty County Jail pending a re-trial on molestation charges.

Vincent Wadley

Vincent Wadley

— A former Albany police detective convicted of child molestation but granted a new trial by a superior court judge, is asking the U.S. district court to release him from the Dougherty County Jail until his new trial.

Vincent Wadley was a detective with the APD when he was charged and indicted. Convicted by a jury, Wadley petitioned the Dougherty County Superior Court to vacate his conviction and call for a new trial, which it granted. But, at the District Attorney's office's request, Wadley was denied bond and was remanded to the Dougherty County Jail until his new trial could start.

Wadley's attorney, Jim Finklestein, then filed a motion in Probate Court to have Wadley released until his trial date, but before Probate Judge Nancy Stephenson could rule on the motion, the district attorney's office filed what's known as a writ of prohibition to bar the probate court from considering the matter.

Chief Superior Court Judge Willie Lockette granted a temporary restraining order on the probate court until he could review the writ and render a decision; a decision that has not yet been made.

On August 26, Finklestein filed the civil rights violation suit in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia here in Albany, contending that Wadley's constitutional rights were being violated by him being locked up until his new trial.

In his motion, Finklestein argues that Wadley was initially granted bond and had "impeccable conduct" while awaiting his trial and has met all of the requirements to receive a bond since his conviction was vacated.

Officials with the district attorney's office say they stand by their decision to keep Wadley in jail.

"Our position on Mr. Finklestein's motion is that Mr. Wadley was tried before a jury of his peers and that twelve citizens of this community found him guilty," Assistant District Attorney Matt Breedon said. "He was convicted and sentenced and when given the opportunity we'll present the case again."


Justice4Moma 4 years, 2 months ago

StrongI have had everyone of my constitutional rights violated ,so who do i go to? I am not black,so where does a white person go? I am female,disabled.So no lawyer will help,they just want money.Heck the Social Securty Office even gets the $220.96 that My Mother left me of her retirement when she died.And i even called them and told them about it.But then i made my neighbor mad.That is a no no id they work for Dirty County.Now i owe them$ 3996.41,plus they droped my payment each month.And then i read the paper where our elected officals owe money from years back.Dang Cry me a handfull.Seems if Dirty County will loan anyone money as long as they work for them.Dont worrie City of Albany,i ll not leave you out.You have people who owe money also.Now i pay taxes each year,so i pay you all to do a job that you cant do.But get paid for.Here i am dont know if my cancer is gona let me live,or the Goverment?I pay my bills.About time all of you do.

P.S. i am still waiting on going to court for my Mother that the City or someone up there keeps putting off.i think they are betting on the cancer killing me before court.I have been waiting since 2007.So when will it be put on the Docket?


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