Jobless and employed lines on collision course

So, the labor market results are out and the market is bad. Not bad, but sick. Companies still complain about the lack of skill or qualified workers. Could it be that the educational and governmental systems train people with a general knowledge; while, businesses want 100 percent trained workers with no monetary outlay by them? Is the governmental system willing to spend the monetary funds that will provide businesses with employees with education and work experience to match what business demand?

Are businesses willing to compete with other businesses for the various labors at an ever accelerating price? Then, they complain that the labor cost drives the market instead of them.

Will businesses continually hire people who go from one job to another (continuously employed),and then protest that workers do not stay long enough?

The federal job report has arrived and it looks bad. The under- and unemployed, and discouraged are 16 percent (Bloomberg).

If the under- and unemployed and the lost graph line continue to rise, the full employed graph line continues to fall. If the lost reaches 25 percent and the social benefits decline, we will face public disorder in our American streets. If the lost graph line rises and crosses the full-employment line, we will have our Arab Spring in American streets.