Albany needs leaders who are visionary

Election day is fast approaching and Albanians will once again decide who will take the reins of leadership and guide Albany to its future destiny. The decision is an extremely important one since the present situation in Albany is dire and the outlook for the immediate future seemingly bodes even worse as the nation apparently heads in a spiraling course into another depression.

Albany’s voters will be the deciding factor as to whether leadership in Albany will be mediocre or dynamic with a sense of urgency and a can-do attitude that will steer the good ship Albany back into the mainstream of tomorrow where the economic future is bright for all. The latter most decidedly is what Albany needs and such a man is Roger Marietta, who seeks re-election as a city commissioner.

Not too long ago, Albany was known as “The Good Life City” and a large section of the populace considered this to be true since economic conditions were on the rise. Indeed, for many they were virtually booming upward since lifestyles for most everyone who earnestly endeavored to better themselves were vastly improved. The means of attaining Albany’s economic success at that particular time, however, was provided by a sagacious few who dreamed in an extraordinary fashion and had the foresight and the gumption to see their dreams come true. They induced a number of industries that manufactured many different types of commodities in northern states to move their base of operations south, where the climate was less troublesome and far more congenial to manufacturing requirements year round. As a result, both employment and business opportunities were vastly improved and Albany grew by leaps and bounds.

The need for such men is even more critical today since the population has greatly increased and those who seek employment are ever more numerous with each passing year. Roger Marietta knows the needs of the people and he foresees an Albany whose people were the key factors in making Albany an economic success. Their cooperative attitudes provided the dynamic leadership that necessitated the change in direction and reversed the trend of hopelessness and brought new life into the city, thus did prosperity come unto the people and “The Good Life City” become an actuality.

Vote Roger Marietta come election day and then watch as good things come to pass.


waltspecht 4 years ago

O.K. have all the canidates state their objectives and goals for the position they are trying to obtain. Then have them sign a binding legal document that they will resign if they haven't achieved these goals half way thru their terms. In other words, put the lies on paper. and be held accountable for them.


KaosinAlbany 4 years ago

This article is full of lies. He has done nothing to help keep the industry here and people continue to lose their jobs left and right. Small businesses are shutting down due to all the challenges they face today and the city doesn't make it easy for them (i.e. sign ordinance). I know for a fact that Roger is anti-business. He is trying to shut a small business down as I write this comment. His neighborhood watches are a bait and switch scheme. He is victimizing Ward 4 and the entire city. His wrong doings are leaking out of the seams left and right. He knows nothing about how to run a small business or a large business. He defended Don Buie and he also defended the River Road church project. I am here to tell you Roger is only about himself and lining his pockets with our money. Roger needs to be run out of town because he is bad for Albany and is a horrible leader. At least this article made me laugh. My vote will be cast for Jason McCoy. I believe he is the true visionary and he will bring fresh ideas to the table and he has knowledge of how a small business operates because that is what he does for a living for a local law firm. Ward 4 needs a true visionary and it is NOT Roger Marietta. It is time the people of Ward 4 to know the truth about Roger.


richie 4 years ago

Albany gained 2000 jobs last year and I like Roger's positive attitude. You have to be upbeat about our city to attract industry. We complain about WGL but they have the lowest utility rates in the region. We need to shout that out loud and clear - what a wonderful magnet for industry and business! Kaos - we knows you live in Lee County - relax and enjoy the country living but don;'t forget to pay your garbafe bill or they will sell your house:)


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