More stimulus needed to get people to work

Our middle-class people, and lots I know, lost jobs in 2008-09, and some were making $22 per hour. Now, people try to bring them back into the work force at $8 to $9 per hour.

Living today, a man or woman cannot feed a family and pay bills on $9 per hour. We need a stimulus package of $1 trillion to get these people back to living, paying bills and sending children to schools. Our day and age need money, period.

It’s great for Republicans to say do without because they don’t care how bad the economy is. All they do is criticize the president and take things south. As for people on welfare, food stamps and disability checks, it’s been this way for the last 100 years. So be it.

Your government handles this, right or wrong, and, American people, think positive. Obama has not done any more to push America downward than all the other presidents. He inherited more than any president and I think he did as well as anyone who had been there.

We are not a broke nation. We are a booming nation, jobs or no jobs. It’s just do you want to let Americans work for $9 per hour. We think, I am better than that. Let me say if you are hungry, you’ll take any job. We are not any better than the other people in our United States. May we get real and get positive. It won’t hurt you. And be honest and positive.