Southwest Georgians 'gnatural' UGA fans

Some of the most dedicated Georgia football fans definitely live here in Southwest Georgia. Many of them never even applied to UGA, yet act like they graduated from there.

So, what does UGA owe us? The development of a strain of ruby-throated hummingbird that finds gnats as an acceptable food source.

Think about it. The birds are small enough to appreciate a gnat for breakfast, fast enough to catch them, can hover in areas where gnats congregate and their high metabolism would cause them to eat them by the thousands. Plus, the ruby is the only one that nests in Georgia. Raising a family could put a real damper on these gnats.

Then there are those really small hummingbirds that migrate through. I’m sure they would be even better gnat catchers.

It seems an awful small thing to ask of the Agricultural Department of the University of Georgia to pay back some of the most loyal football fans they have. Plus, loyalties might shift should a certain Alabama school develop a gnat-eater first.