Obama throwing good money after bad

The Obama administration again shows its ineptness in proposing another stimulus (call it as it is). After many failed attempts the only thing that was accomplished by this administration is failure.

The bankers must have been rolling on the floor when the White House gave them money to pay the multiple million dollar bonuses to people who tanked the economy to begin with.

Solyandra, the solar panel people, accepted $553 million in stimulus money. Obama pushed for the deal to be quickly approved, even after he was notified that Soylatron would run out of money by September 2011. Solyatron just laid off 1,100 people and filed for Chapter 11 (the White House is under investigation on this one).

The DOJ raided Gibson guitars on the premise of exotic wood being improperly imported; this was done after Gibson provided proof that the exotic woods were harvested in compliance. Let it be known Gibson is a contributor to the Republicans, and has made a fuss over Eric Holder. Retribution?

Now Obama wants to raise taxes to pay for his debacles, and Dougherty County wants to increase sales taxes for road projects. We are being taxed out of existence.

If Obama and all the others want more money for projects, demand that anyone collecting welfare work for the funds they get. Then maybe you will instill some pride.

James Balch