When opportunity knocks, look through peephole first

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

We have all heard that when opportunity knocks, we have to be ready to seize the moment. Well, assuming that the opportunity is a lawful and logical one, this might be true. However, to be ready does not mean that we should not consider carefully the terms, conditions, and long-term implications that a given opportunity might carry with it.

To seize or not to seize, that is the question. While an opportunity may present itself, there is yet a decision to be made.

There is a certain sense of urgency that you feel from hearing “when opportunity knocks, be ready to seize the moment.” Hearing that, I always pictured some ferocious animal waiting to pounce on its prey, just the anticipation from watching and waiting for the right time to go for it.

Well, maybe that is from watching too much of the Animal Planet channel.

Oftentimes, we await opportunities for career moves, geographical moves, to make big purchases, to begin a relationship, or even to have children and everything in between. Undoubtedly, we all have some aspiration, plan, or goal that, we believe, given the right opportunity, we could achieve or accomplish.

For these things, we likely have a zeal or passion. This passion is what drives us and puts us in a state of mind to always be ready to seize our big opportunity to reach our desired goals and so forth. The thing to be concerned with, however, is becoming overzealous.

Just like the ferocious animal awaiting the perfect opportunity to pounce on its prey, we are hungry for that big opportunity and the anticipation builds. That sort of anticipation creates anxiousness and sometimes that anxiousness can cause us to make decisions in haste. Making decisions in haste can cause us to make mistakes and making mistakes can carry with them certain costs or consequences that might later cause regret.

It is important to be ready to seize an opportunity when one presents itself, but what does being ready really mean?

For me, being ready means that when a potential opportunity presents itself, one is able to analyze its make-up or components in order to know what he or she is faced with. This is that period of time between when the opportunity comes and when you make a decision about it.

That period of time is so crucial because the other saying that rings true in these cases is that “everything that looks good is not always good for you.” Things may appear to be just as you would like them to, but remember; sometimes it is necessary to take a step back. You may be too close. Too close in this case could mean when you want something so badly that you are looking at the opportunity or situation with “rose-colored glasses” on. Everything about it looks rosy.

Being ready means that one knows the details of an opportunity, not just what it looks like on the surface. This is true for any opportunity that presents itself, even if it is something that you’ve waited a long time for; especially if it is something that you’ve waited a long time for.

So, when opportunity knocks, open the door, but have a conversation and get to know one another for a bit. If you are not given the time you need to consider all the factors, then know that that was not the opportunity for you. It may be tough to close the door, but stay in faith and I assure you, opportunity will knock again.

Be ready.

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