Albany airport upgrade more than what’s needed

As one who has used the Albany airport as both a private plane owner/pilot and a commercial passenger for almost 35 years, I find the spending of $10 million to rebuild the terminal another example of our government officials’ inability to stop spending money just because it is there.

For perhaps 10 to 20 percent of that amount, both the pre- and post-security waiting rooms could be expanded by taking over the restaurant space, which has never made anyone any money anyway. More office space can be had by using the upstairs waiting area that has been closed and unused since 9/11 and the old FSS space, and more parking acquired east and west of the existing lot or across State Highway 91.

With only three commerical flights a day and almost no private aircraft traffic except during quail season, the current facility with a modest facelift would service this community for the forseeable future. The argument that it will help to attract business is bogus in my opinion, and the spending of this money will only impose more financial burden in maintenance and staff costs on the city and county.

As the percentage of the population of Albany and the county that pays taxes continues to drop, those of us who find ourselves making up the difference will at some point find the burden too heavy and leave.


waltspecht 4 years, 2 months ago

Hasn't it been pointed out in the past that many Airports that cater to private Pilots are leaching funds from the Federal System that only benefit those pilots? The Private Pilots apparently only pay about 10% of the actual construction, upkeep and maintenance costs of these small Airports. While the Federal Government picks up the rest of the tab. I remember them wanting to spend 3 Million on one in Alaska that serviced 10 private planes. When will this fleecing of America be stopped?


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