Sevier appointed to ADICA; Pike to sit on long-term finance board

ALBANY, Ga. — Albany City Commissioners have tentatively named a replacement for local attorney Robert Kraselsky on the the Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority board.

Kraselsky stepped down from his position on the board earlier this year.

The commission considered the resumes of two applicants Tuesday: Kilena Underwood, a marketing specialist at Albany Printing, and Tosh Sevier, owner of Living Legends Salon, to fill the position.

Both received nominations from commissioners, Sevier first and then Underwood. Under Roberts’ rules of order, the nominees were considered in reverse order, and the commission voted 6-1 not to accept Underwood. No vote was taken on Sevier.

Albany Mayor Willie Adams also appointed Ward III Commissioner Christopher Pike to sit on the city’s long-term financial planning committee to fill the vacancy left by Ward II Commissioner Dorothy Hubbard.

In other business, the commission:

— Accepted a grant application to the Federal Transit Administration on behalf of Albany Transit to fund replacement of two 23-foot para-transit buses. The total grant application amount of $193,750 includes a $155,000 federal grant and a $38,750 local match;

— Voted unanimously to accept a Georgia Department of Transportation grant for $269,835 to help fund construction of a new terminal at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport;

— Voted unanimously to awarded Manhattan RFB the construction contract for the terminal at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport for $10.7 million. Funding will be divided among federal, state and local sources with the Federal Aviation Administration chipping in 76 percent, or $7.8 million, of the cost; the state putting in 2.5 percent, or $269,835, and the local match from sales tax dollars paying the remaining $2.7 million;

— Voted unanimously to award BullEx Digital Safety of Albany, N.Y., a $117,940 contract to provide new training equipment and simulators for use by the Albany Fire Department. The funding source for the simulators is remaining sales tax revenue from Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax V;

— Voted unanimously to award a $45,598 contract for the purchase of replacement trailers and water pumps for the city’s sewer division to Godwin Pumps of America of Bridgeport, N.J. The funding source for the pumps is the Georgia Municipal Association lease pool;

— Voted unanimously to purchase one 30-foot transit passenger bus for Albany Transit for $382,448.87 from Daimler Buses of North America of Mississauga, Ontario on a North Carolina Piedmont Authority contract. The funding source for the bus will be 80 percent grant funded from the federal government, 10 percent grant funded from the state, and a 10 percent local match of about $38,244;

— Voted 6-1 to grant an alcohol license change for Cafe 230 doing business as Booters; Kilena Underwood, agent; 104 North Washington St. Change category to consumption of liquor, beer and wine;

— Voted 6-1 to grant an alcohol license transfer of Grilling the Dream LLC, doing business as Austin’s Firegrill & Oyster Bar, 2820 Meredyth Drive, suites 3,4 & 5, Austin Newman/agent; transfer to new location at 2817 Old Dawson Road;

— Voted 6-1 to grant alchol license applications for The Pizza Shop at 232 West Broad Avenue; Kings Mart Foods at 503 North Madison Street; Monique’s Food Mart at 1600 McArthur St.; Little Whiskey River, 2900 Sylvester Road; Black Hole Entertainment, doing business as Fusion Bar & Grill at 1020 Flint Avenue;

— Voted 6-1 to grant a one-day alcohol license permit to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital for the hospital’s 100-year celebration at the Municipal Auditorium at 200 North Jackson Street; March of Dimes for a food- and wine-tasting at Hilton Garden Inn, 101 Front Street; and the Lee County Chamber of Commerce for its annual banquet at the Hasan Shrine Temple at 1822 Palmyra Road.


Quantraveious 2 years, 7 months ago

Pike on a finance committee? This is a joke. He doesn't even understand the difference between income and cash flow. He is an ASU music major who can't perform the most basic function of determining NPV and payback periods.


Abytaxpayer 2 years, 7 months ago

JD can you do a story disclosing the financial status of the City Commissioners and those running for the open seats?
Elected officials should be held to a higher standard considering they have the power to affect the citizens through taxes and how they will spend those taxes. If they are not good stewards of their own money how can they be any better with “Free” money from our taxes. Not pointing any fingers but it would be reassuring to know financial planning committee members have control of their own personal budgets. They can not buy a car without a credit check, why do we allow them to spend our taxes without a credit check?


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