Looking Back Sept. 25

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

— Here is a trivia quiz especially for NFL football fans everywhere!


  1. What Steelers quarterback, according to Hollywood Henderson, “couldn’t spell cat if you spotted him the ‘C’ and the ‘A’ “?

  2. What were NFL players required to wear in games for the first time in 1943?

  3. What Dallas quarterback fumbled five times in four Super Bowl games?

  4. How many points was a touchdown worth in 1911?

  5. Who said life’s three important things were “family, religion and the Green Bay Packers”?

  6. Whose NFL playing career began in 1949 and ended in 1975?

  7. What NFL footballer saw his weight reach a league-leading 340 pounds in 1988?

  8. What color flags did NFL officials begin throwing after abandoning white ones in 1965?

  9. Who threw a record six touchdown passes in one Super Bowl, in 1995?

  10. What did a Buffalo fan hit Chuck Foreman in the eye with during a game, ending his chance of winning the NFC rushing title in 1975?

  11. Who was the first player drafted in the first NFL draft in 1936?

  12. Who won the first night football game ever played?

  13. What NFL team introduced the no-huddle offense during the 1980s?

  14. The width between the goal posts in high school and college are different than in professional football. The distance between the post in high school and college is 23 feet, 4 inches. What is the distance for the NFL?

  15. Who was the first African American quarterback in the NFL?

  16. Joe Namath starred in a Super Bowl commercial in 1974 for what product?

  17. What are the names of the three Baltimore Ravens’ mascots (birds)?

  18. There is no film footage of the first Super Bowl. What happened to it?

  19. The AFL and the NFL announced in 1966 that the two would merge. When did the full merger actually take place?

  20. What was the last NFL team to go out of business?

  21. Who was the first (and only) NFL star to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

  22. What was the last NFL team to desegregate?

  23. How many cows does it take to cover the leather for one season of NFL games?

  24. In 1979, John Elway was drafted out of high school to play professional baseball for what team?

  25. What quarterback in 1994, set two NFL records in one game with 45 pass completion in 70 attempts?

  26. What was the victory margin in the most lopsided game in NFL history?

  27. In how many games did John Madden play in the NFL?

  28. To the nearest inch, how long is an NFL football?

  29. Due to many of the players being enlisted in WWII, the 1943 Pittsburgh Steelers had to combine with the Philadelphia Eagles to form what team?

  30. What network was the first to broadcast professional football games?

  31. Who was the first president to do a regular season coin toss?

  32. Who is the oldest franchise in the NFL?

  33. The Arizona Cardinals appeared in the 2009 Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers. How long had it been since the Cardinals had played in a playoff game?

  34. If a player’s jersey is numbered 80 - 89, what is his position?

  35. On December 7, 1969, what Atlanta Falcons player threw for a touchdown in the first quarter, caught a pass for a touchdown in the second quarter and then ran for a touchdown in the fourth quarter?


  1. Terry Bradshaw

  2. helmets

  3. Roger Staubach

  4. five points

  5. Vince Lombardi

  6. Georgia Blanda

  7. William “The Refrigerator” Perry

  8. yellow

  9. Steve Young

  10. a snowball

  11. Jay Berwanger- He was originally drafted by Philadelphia but his asking price of $25,000 for two seasons was too high and a contract was never signed.

  12. The Philadelphia Athletics beat the Kanaweola Athletic Club on November 21, 1902.

  13. Cincinnati Bengals

  14. 18 feet, 6 inches

  15. Willie Thrower - Chicago Bears (1953)

  16. Nozema

  17. Edgar, Allan and Poe

  18. It was taped over-some say for a soap opera.

  19. 1970

  20. Dallas Texans (1952)

  21. Terry Bradshaw

  22. Washington Redskins

  23. 3,000

  24. Kansas City Royals

  25. Drew Bledsoe in a 26-20 overtime win against the Minnesota Vikings.

  26. 73 points — The Bears beat the Redskins in the 1940 NFL Championship game.

  27. Zero ... Madden was drafted by the Eagles in 1958 but was injured in training camp and never played a regular season game.

  28. 11 inches

  29. The Steagles (5-4-1)

  30. CBS in 1956. By 1965, the network was paying $18.8 million per year for the rights.

  31. George Bush tossed the coin via satellite from The White House for ten games starting on September 9, 2001.

  32. The Arizona Cardinals can trace the team’s history back to 1890 in Chicago.

  33. since 1947

  34. wide receiver or tight end

  35. Harmon Wages