Squawk of the Day - Sept. 26, 2011

"I wish I knew what scumbag dumped their garbage at Dawson and the bypass. I would make you get down on your hands and knees and pick up every piece, you sorry bum."

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justme 4 years ago



rural_country_girl 4 years ago

I resemble that remark. Trash knows no boundaries. Just as many inconsiderate, selfish people drive cadillacs and bmw's as do those that drive trucks. We may be poor, but we are proud.


Somebody 4 years ago

Look through the garbage, maybe they left mail with their address on it. Scoop up the garbage and dump it at their front doorstep.


waltspecht 4 years ago

First off, I doubt anybody deliberately dumped it there. Might have fallen out of the back of a vehicle un-noticed. No, Rednecks and Pickups aren't the only source of trash. I get a lot of Beer bottles and cans along with fast food bags from underage drinkers stopping at the sign on my corner lot. License numbers don't do you any good, as some of the parents I have told just denied it with a vengance. Not their Angles. I only hope it doesn't require a DUI wreck to make them look at what their children are doing.


TrixibelleBento 4 years ago

Westover is riddled with trash no matter what time of day. The prisoners pick up one day and the next day, Westover's median is packed again. Drives me insane.


Rebelgirl 4 years ago

Fact is people do not respect other peoples property, space, yards. The throw trash on others yards, walk their dogs and don't scoop. It doesn't seem to matter what neighborhood or what type of vehicle they drive.


supersquawker 4 years ago

It's all just part and parcel of the "entitlement mentality" where other people will pick up my slack, buy my food, pick up my trash....all at no cost to me.


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