Underwood named to ADICA

ALBANY, Ga. — City Commissioners appointed a new member to the board for the Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority Tuesday night, but it wasn’t the person they had originally chosen.

During a Sept. 20 work session the commission tentatively moved to name Tosh Sevier — the owner of Living Legends Salon — to the position left vacant by local attorney Bob Kraselsky, who retired earlier this year.

But Tuesday, Albany Mayor Willie Adams said that it had come to the commission’s attention that Sevier was a Lee County resident and therefore couldn’t be considered for the position.

Since Sevier and marketing expert Kilena Underwood were the only two people who applied for the position, the commission entertained a motion from Ward VI Commissioner Roger Marietta to nominate Underwood for the position. The motion passed 6-0.

Underwood, who is also assisting with the political campaigns for local business women B.J. Fletcher and Melissa Strother, will now join Fletcher on the ADICA board for the remainder of Kraselsky’s term which is set to expire in January 2012.