Two suspected gang hangout homes raided

ALBANY, Ga. — Following information from sources, the Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit raided suspected gang hangouts in the city at about 7:30 a.m. Thursday.

Because the hangouts could have been home to armed gang members who recently shot at police, the unit took no chances. Albany Police Department SWAT assisted.

“We set the operation after kids went to school and when there would be no school buses around,” said ADDU Maj. Bill Berry. “We also had SWAT there to make our entry secure when we served the warrants.”

Berry said four people were arrested for marijuana possession at two locations. Michele Coleman and Tommy Lee Davis Jr. were arrested for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana at 812 Swift St.

Brothers Corey and Arthur Mayberry were arrested at 704 Highland Ave. on the same charges but also had charges for the illegal synthetic marijuana known as spice, he added.

“No guns were found,” Berry said. “We impounded an old Ford Galaxy and when we get a warrant we’ll search it.”The operation also found eight people at the second residence. It gave the ADDU a chance to use its new identity computer fingerprint computer pad.

Berry said that the pad, similar to a small iPad, allows agents to press fingerprints onto its screen and a couple minutes later any information on the person is transmitted back.

“We don’t have to call in names, social security numbers or addresses,” Berry said. “Just press the fingerprint on the screen.”

The eight men the agents tested with the pad came back clean, Berry said. They were released.