Gaines named new leader for The Anchorage

ALBANY, Ga. -- The board of directors for The Anchorage has tapped an Albany man to lead the faith-based substance rehabilitation facility, officials say.

Keith Gaines, a man with both a ministerial and administrative background "stood out from the others," Board chair Sky Martin said.

"We had a strong group of candidates apply for the position from throughout the region, but Keith's background with the church and his understanding of our fundraising situation really put him over the top," Martin said. "And he happens to be from Albany so he's familiar with us and the organization and the people in the area."

The Anchorage is working to overcome recent troubles when former director Kenny Phillips was terminated from his position and then arrested and charged for allegedly using Anchorage funds for personal use.

Phillips is out on bond.

Martin says he believes Gaines has both the right attitude and the experience to move the organization forward on sound footing.

"We're an organization that manages to wholly fund itself; we don't get any funding from the local governments to help balance our books so we depend a lot on our image and our fundraising ability to help us keep the doors open," Martin said. "Keith, I think, will really help us with that."