Be satisfied with what you have

In my lifetime, I’ve had plenty and sometimes not so good. In my view of living, it’s very important to be thankful when times are very rough.

To enjoy life and long livability is to be happy in whatever status one is in. If it’s little, rejoice; be content. Things do change every seven years — things like weather do change. If you are a person to be upset, gripe and rant, you are really putting health at risk.

Go with our fast times, giving God all glory. He knew you even before you were here and there is a role in life for you to play. He said, I’ll be with you always.

As for presidents, God is in charge, not man, and God says trust in me, have faith and I’ll take care of you. You see, all the ranting, talk is cheap, it degrades one. To degrade a person is to tear down self.