Not all work of teachers is tested

In a conversation this morning on Facebook with my niece, who is an elementary level school teacher, she wrote the following, which I felt needed to be shared. So, with her permission, please read and ponder the following:

"Watching the news and getting awfully weary of politicians talking about how horrible our schools are and how teachers and schools need to improve ... I agree, schools and teachers need to continually improve, but I am tired of schools being the only ones held accountable for our nation's children. We only have students 6.5 hours daily ... we cannot 'fix' everything in these kiddos' lives and make them ready to learn/perform well on a high stakes test w/o help from families/community.

"We cannot make sure students have a healthy evening meal and are in bed on time. We cannot make sure students get enough sleep and come to school on time in the morning ready to learn. We cannot make sure students get their homework finished daily. We cannot make sure there is not arguing/fighting in homes or on the way to school in the morning.

"There are so many things that are out of the schools' control w/regard to student learning. We take students as they are when they walk through those doors daily. I see my colleagues working before school, during lunches, following the school day late into the evening and on weekends.

"On their own time, making a huge difference in the lives of children. Unfortunately, the wonderful things these teachers do on a daily basis are not 'tested' so what the public continues to hear is how awful teachers are and how our students are falling behind. There has to be a better way ..."




myside 3 years, 8 months ago

This lady gives an excellent description of what teachers face daily, and what makes teaching in our schools such a difficult job. She sounds like a good and truthful teacher.


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