MCLB locomotives up for auction

Two retired locomotives from MCLB-Albany will go to the highest bidder.

Two retired locomotives from MCLB-Albany will go to the highest bidder.

MCLB-ALBANY, Ga. -- A spokesman for Marine Corps Logistics Base-Albany has confirmed that two recently retired locomotives aboard the installation will be up for sale in an online auction next week.

The Department of Defense is auctioning off two 80-ton diesel electric locomotives to the public via its online auction site, www.govliquidation.com.

The locomotives, currently aboard MCLB-Albany, were built in 1955 by General Electric Co. and were used exclusively by the Marine Corps for switching trains on military bases around the country, a history provided by Government Liquidation states.

At that time, steam engines had just stopped being produced, Melissa Gieringer, a spokeswoman for the auction site, said. The locomotives served as pickup units that took rail traffic into base perimeters from mainline rail freight.

In so doing, they moved freight from the rail receiving area to the warehouses populating the installation, Gieringer added.

The locomotives were remanufactured in 1988. Each is powered by two Cummins diesel engines. They each come with two GE generators and two air compressors.

Government Liquidation officials say that both locomotives, which have been called "the backbone of MCLB-Albany rail service," are still in working condition. They can be used for transportation, be purchased for historical display or be transformed and repurposed for small-business use -- such as a coffee shop.

Bidding for each locomotive will start at $150, and will be open from Sunday midnight through 8 p.m. Wednesday. Because of security restrictions at MCLB-Albany, no on-site visits will be permitted.

Those wanting for more information or to view a video of the locomotives can visit govliquidation.com. A direct link is available at http:/tinyurl.com/6r8zweh.