Professional Standards Commission takes action against Atlanta educators

— The PSC handed down two-year suspensions for 47 teachers. One teacher was given a one-year suspension, and 19 educators in leadership positions, such as principals and testing coordinators, were recommended for revocation.

The action signals significant progress in the cheating case. Before today, the commission had taken action against 16 Atlanta educators accused of cheating. The educators could still face termination from Atlanta Public Schools and criminal charges.

Details were not released about the educators, including their names or where they worked. The commission does not identify educators accused of misconduct until the case is closed, a process that could take years because of legal hang-ups and court appeals.

The punishments handed out by the PSC can range from a warning to revocation of their certification. A revocation will make it difficult for an educator to work in another public school in Georgia or another state, as the sanction would appear in a national database. But educators can appeal sanctions through a multistep legal process, which can take years to resolve.


dingleberry 2 years, 10 months ago

Don't cut these folks any slack--this is not an "I made a mistake" situation. These people were paid to be professionals and we must have professional standards that are enforced. I am concerned that DoCo will let its folks off the hook because of being inept and their contracts will be automatically renewed as a result.


DoctorDorite 2 years, 10 months ago

Wow ! 5 times as many locally as Atlanta. Quess this speaks volumes, but again they do follow examples set by the cheating free lunch board member and principal.


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