Unlucky day one to enjoy

Don’t look now, but it’s one of “those” days.

You know, Friday the 13th.

How seriously do some people take “bad luck Friday”? Well, at some point they came up with a 17-letter word just to describe it — triskaidekaphobia.

For all the intellectual advances we have made, there’s still that occasional nagging, uneasy feeling you get when you, say, break a mirror (seven years of bad luck seems a pretty stern sentence for that infraction), step on a crack in the sidewalk (Text mom right away about her back!), see a black cat cross your path (particularly troubling for little gray mice) or walk under a ladder (undefined penalties can be the most concerning).

The source of Friday the 13th being bad luck stretches back to sometime in the 19th century — not all the way back to the day when King Philip ordered the slaughter of the Knights Templar in 1307, as is commonly believed. But for whatever reason, the idea has stuck around.

We, however, choose to look on the bright side, determining that Friday the 13th is not an omen, but a herald — a herald for the weekend. And we have on good authority that it will be, for most people, a pretty decent day despite its reputation.

We checked out the horoscopes.

— The Albany Herald Editorial Board