Lee County voters to receive updated cards

LEESBURG, Ga. — Lee County voters will soon receive official updated voter registration cards from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, but they can check their status online now at the www.sos.ga.gov/mvp site.

Lee Elections officials finished moving required street files to the secretary of state’s My Voter Page last week.

“We’ve done a street-by-street check to make sure voters are in the new, updated voting districts,” Elections Supervisor Veronica Johnson said. “We went back and double-checked our information to try and make sure there are no issues with the new voting districts.

“We’re confident in the street file information we sent to the secretary of state, but we wanted to use the time we had to make sure all our ‘I’s’ were dotted and our ‘T’s’ crossed. We encourage all voters in the county to check over their registration cards when they receive them in the mail. If there are any questions, we’d rather address them now than on election day.”

Johnson noted that there had been significant changes to Lee County’s five voting districts with the census-based redistricting completed last year. Those changes are especially dramatic in District 2; slightly less so in districts 1 and 3.

“The (July 31) primaries will be the first election under the new districts,” she said. “We encourage anyone with any question to call our office. The better informed our voters are, the easier it is for us to do our job.”

Johnson praised the state Legislature for including money in the state budget to pay for the postage needed to mail out new voter registration cards.

“We’re thankful the General Assembly was gracious enough to include funding for the postage in the state budget,” she said. “If we’d had to mail out the cards, the cost would have been somewhere around $6,000 to $7,000. And we’re a relatively small county.”

The July 31 primaries will include voting for Lee County Commission Districts 2, 4 and 5 and for all other countywide elected offices, including sheriff, tax commissioner, coroner, clerk of court, and Magistrate and Probate court judges.

The city of Leesburg will also hold a special election to fill a vacant seat on the Leesburg City Council.

Qualifying for all offices will be held May 23-25.


chinaberry25 3 years, 1 month ago

I never got one to start with.


Shinedownfan 3 years, 1 month ago

I need to fill out the form to register my husband to vote so that he can vote against obama. He is 50 and never wanted to be summoned for Jury Duty, but now he says it's worth the risk.


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