Inspiration no sub for researching

I read with amusement Valkey M. Tiernan’s latest divine inspirational, proclaiming God’s personal endorsement for Mitt Romney (April 13, In My View). Moses himself would be hard pressed to match the picture Valkey painted with accolades flowing from golden tongue. I was momentarily inspired until I remembered back on Aug. 25, 2011, Valkey waxing prophetic on how hurricanes, tornados and floods were all signs that God was telling us Newt Gingrich was his chosen presidential favorite. Tiernan’s flip-flop seems appropriate. Personally I don’t think God is too pleased with the goings-on in our political arena.

Flash Back, Newt and Nancy’s war on global warming, then Newt’s (mea culpa) disavowment as he saw the light. Don’t forget the (mea culpa) three marriages. Newt is intelligent, but smart, nah. With Newt, it’s always about power and money; he’ll say anything to get both. The only light he saw was a chance to fill his pockets by bilking taxpayers with the bill on carbon credits, and a chance to live in the White House.

Let’s not forget flip-flop Mitt Rummy ... I mean Romney. In one speech, he said the trees in his home state were all “just the right height.” Typical Romney rhetoric, What in the heck does that mean? David Letterman summed it up best when he explained what that statement meant. Letterman said, Yup, like Romney, “They lean whichever way the wind blows.”

Personally, I feel we have to clean up politics in America, including changing out the present White House resident. That said, I am almost ashamed to call myself Republican after the way they have behaved in this year’s primary, specifically disavowing massive fraud in several states to fix an election and get their chosen one elected. MSM is also complicit in marginalizing, ignoring, and outright deception of perhaps the most conservative, honest, and consistent politician since Eisenhower, who said, “May we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.”

Without mentioning my choice for president, I will say to Mr. Valkey, sir, for one, I believe God would object to you proclaiming which candidate He Himself endorses and, two, I believe you would be better served — and serve better — by doing some solid research on your preference for the office of president than relying on divine inspiration.




waltspecht 3 years, 7 months ago

Lord knows, Valkey speaks and we all fall in line. Ya, right. Romney has my vote and the votes of many others only because of the individual's policies he is running against. I don't know if he will be any better, but I know if re-elected the current President will be far more arrogent then I ever imagined. He will do everything he can to make us a Socialist State. Something I rode Fleet Ballistic Missle Submarines for seven years so our country could avoid the Russians or Chinese changing our ways. Now the Chosen One wants to destroy us from within.


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