Obama administration is on spending binge

The present snafu state of affairs that exists in our federal government is an extremely worrisome issue for numerous Americans, as well as many world leaders who are considered allies, especially those in the European theater. A government, which cannot come to terms upon anything, even those of mundane nature such as a mere budget, is factually no government at all, and therefore essentially is courting disaster. No organization of reputable distinction (business, manufacturer, or otherwise), would even so much as attempt to operate without a budget since it would be tantamount to inviting mismanagement, felony, failure, and even bankruptcy.

For the past four years the Obama administration has seen fit to operate in whatever manner they choose while totally disregarding the wants, hopes and desires of the majority of the American people, and all of this while the economy hovered on the brink of total destruction. Spend, spend, spend was the mindset of those who headed the governmental departments and agencies; as a result, some few trillions (heretofore unbelievable amounts), were quickly disposed of and for the next three years, in order to operate without any bothersome restraints whatsoever, they merely neglected to establish a budget. The ensuant result was the disposal of even more trillions which has brought the nation to the very brink of bankruptcy. Each minute that passes some, three million is required to pay the interest owed on the principal which is the national debt.

To continue operating in a haphazard manner as now exists, in the recent past and even years before, is to invite anarchy and possibly a change in government for, make no mistake, creditors will be paid; they will insist on it and someone will pay, and those in the middle class and the poor will pay the most, for their freedoms will be taken from them.

If you love your children and wish the best for them as you do yourselves, vote Romney come this November.




ObjectiveEyes 3 years, 4 months ago

Obama, who ran on being the "...most transparent administration in history..." has been more of the same, if not worse. Saying that the current administration spends money "like a drunken sailor" is an insult to sailors.


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