Sunday a day to put work to the side

We have seven days a week and on a Sunday is our Lord’s day. Americans should realize God, our heavenly father, is so merciful to give us Sunday as a day of worship.

We should put aside all work unless absolutely necessary. Our heavenly father knows all and sees all. He died on that cross and rose up to show us who is in command.

Every place should be closed, as like Christmas. We must count the blessings given to us as Americans.

American people, wake up. What if all of a sudden you became like those people overseas — no bed, no water, no food to eat? What if, and just what would you do?

I’d say, pray, all of us, for peace, security and life. Sunday is our Lord’s day now and forever more.




waltspecht 3 years, 7 months ago

What about the other relegions, whose concept of God does not consider Sunday a Holy day? Do you feel you have the right to force your beliefs on these people?


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