Tampa company likely to demo Broad Avenue bridge

PCL Civil Constructors, Inc. of Tampa, is the apparent low bidder for the demolition and construction of the Broad Avenue Bridge

The proposed replacement bridge for the Broad Avenue bridge.

The proposed replacement bridge for the Broad Avenue bridge.

— A Tampa-based civil construction company is the apparent low-bidder for the Broad Avenue Bridge project, Georgia Department of Transportation officials said Friday.

PCL Civil Constructors, Inc., of Tampa, offered to demolish and reconstruct the Broad Avenue Bridge for $11.8 million, when the bids were unsealed Friday in Atlanta.

GDOT won't officially award the bid for another two weeks, at which time they'll review PCL's bid package and those of other bidders.

Friday's announcement is the next step in dealing with the bridge, which was shutdown in 2009 by GDOT after divers discovered that chunks of the bridge's concrete footings had eroded away making the bridge unsafe for pedestrian or vehicular traffic, they say.

A group of bridge preservationists have emerged to challenge the city of Albany and GDOT's contentions on the bridge in hopes that the historic bridge can be saved and repurposed as a pedestrian bridge and park, similar to a project currently underway in Columbus.

According to their website, PCL Civil Constructors, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PCL Construction Enterprises, Inc., with two office locations in the United States.

The company's Civil Southeast office in Tampa, primarily serves the southeastern United States and performs more than $250 million worth of work annually.

While the company's main focus is bridge construction, it also handles projects ranging from highway work to airport construction.

The company currently has seven active bridge projects in locations ranging from New Haven, Conn., to Freeport, Texas.

PCL's bid came in higher than GDOT's latest cost estimates by roughly $2.3 million. Despite this, the state seems poised to continue on the with the project, which could begin its demolition phase early this summer.


whattheheck 3 years, 5 months ago

GDOT may need to get new estimators on its staff if it missed the mark by over $2 million in a period of economic distress.One can only wonder what the other higher estimates were. But whattheheck does it matter since we are only talking tax money.


coachjohnson42 3 years, 5 months ago

does it really cost 11.8 million to demolish and reconstruct a new bridge here? This is ridiculous. We dont need the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE......just a normal little bridge that is safe and functional.....Somebody is not shopping around properly....


Thurman 3 years, 5 months ago

Let's put simple economics into play here. The City removes the Broad St. bridge and gets a new one built for about $12 million. The City decides to refurbish the Broad St. bridge with and estimated cost of $4 million. There is a vote for a TSPLOST (Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) which will fund a new bridge connecting the East side to the West side at approximately $9 million. So now the City Officials must decide to either spend the $11 million (new Broad St. bridge), or the $4 million (refurbish the Broad St. bridge), or (if the tax is approved) the $9 million (Clark/Society bridge), OR they could spend $4 million on the Broad St. bridge + the $9 million on the Clark/Society bridge = $13 million. OR they could elect to spend the $11 million on the Broad St. bridge, build the new Clark/Society bridge and spend some $20 million dollars. My bet is that they will decide the way to spend the most money whether it makes any good sense or not.


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