Well, now ... that’s unusual: Stonebridge golfers sink 3 hole-in-ones in same day

Photo by John Millikan

Photo by John Millikan

ALBANY — At most golf tournaments, a hole-in-one might win you some cash, or even a car.

Last Saturday at Stonbridge Golf & Country Club, not one, not two but three aces were reported by players after their rounds — and while the prize won’t be anything nearly as glamorous, they now have one heck of a story to tell.

“I’ve not only never seen anything like that,” began Stonebridge head pro Rob Allen, who has been at the club 15 years, “I’ve never even heard of anything like this.”

The first belonged to Jack Daniels, who aced Hole No. 4 from 124 yards out with an 8-iron as his shot was witnessed by Danny Joiner, Frank Griffin and Rick Squires. Then came Jim Rufin’s a few hours later. Rufin aced No. 16 from 175 yards out with a 4-hybrid, and it was witnessed by David Wright, Chris Dabbs and Glenn Singfield.

Those were the only two Allen heard about Saturday, leaving him amazed after saying he can’t remember having two in one day during his tenure.

But then Sunday, Allen got a call from the grandmother of Ryan Gorman, an 11-year-old up-and-comer who shared an interesting story with her Saturday evening.

“Ryan’s grandmother called and said he hit a hole-in-one on Saturday and that she wanted to buy some kind of little trophy for him,” Alllen said with a laugh. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Sure enough, the club had had three aces that day, with the final one — which also turned out to almost as long as Rufin’s Par 3 ace on No. 16 — belonging to the youngest golfer in the bunch.

Gorman aced No. 7 — a long, 170-yard hole — with his driver. His shot was witnessed by Matthew Gutierrez and Spencer Williamson.

“We usually get one hole-in-one every few months, or six months,” Allen said. “So three in one day is pretty rare.”