‘Summit’ produces ‘We Are the ’Bany’

Carlton Fletcher

Carlton Fletcher

Dear Mr. Fantasy, play us a tune, Something to make us all happy. Do anything, take us out of this gloom. Sing a song, play guitar, make it snappy.

— Traffic

Local promoters/businessmen Lane Rosen and Antonio Richardson have done what most said was impossible, assembling this region’s best-known musical artists for a benefit that will help bring attention to some of the ills of Southwest Georgia’s “capital city.”

The pair convinced Nashville-by-way-of-Albany songwriters Dallas Davidson and Ray Stephenson to pen a tune that will shine a light on the plight of this Good Life City and perhaps loosen the purse strings of philanthropists with the capital to help fill in budgetary holes.

As the artists assemble at the downtown State Theatre, where engineers Mario Meadows and Ed McRee have set up their equipment to record the historic gathering for a future fundraising project, there are hugs and handshakes all around as the artists renew acquaintances. Legend Ray Stevens is back in town for the session; long-time favorites Field Mob and Monroe Brown have re-assembled for the project, and both country star Luke Bryan and “American Idol” favorite Phillip Phillips re-arranged their schedules to be a part of the monumental event. There’s even a mysterious lady with a scarf on her head setting up a table with a crystal ball.

The artists were encouraged by Richardson — and all complied — to check their egoes (as well as their 9 millimeters and their hunting knives) at the door.

And thus was born “We Are the ’Bany.”

LUKE BRYAN: It all starts here, with our children in the schools.

EVAN BARBER & LOST GAMBLERS: Their lessons ignore all the ABCs.

T-MAL: There are teachers cheating.

JODI MANN: So come and sit down for your tasty lunch.

STEPHON BURNS: ‘Round here we eat for free.


We need your help,

We are the ’Bany.

We used to have a lot going on, Now we ain’t got any.

Federal grants we’re taking,

But our churches don’t pay back.

Just strap a wider load to the taxpayers’ back.

RAY STEVENS: Bullets fly, when we’re walking down the streets.

MONROE BROWN: The many gangs, they’re staking out their lands.

RELAPSE: We’d call the cops, if we thought they’d help us out.

FIELD MOB: But they’re not paid enough to meet demands.


We need your help,

We are the ’Bany.

We used to have a lot going on, Now we ain’t got any.

Our downtown’s ‘bout abandoned,

A ghost town late at night.

The folks are heading to the north,

Hello, white flight.

PHILLIP PHILLIPS: Our kids are the best;

BRADY: They finish school and hit the road.

STEPHEN HARRELL & DUSTY BOOTS: Their names are soon known near and far.

JON GOSA: They don’t come back here.

BIG NOD: There’s nothing they can do.

KARLA HEATH-SANDS: They soon become our idols and our stars.


We need your help,

We are the ’Bany.

We used to have a lot going on, Now we ain’t got any.

Our Civic Center’s empty.

The marquee lists no one.

We call 229 right now, soon 911.

THE LOST TRAILERS: Our race relations

BO HENRY BAND: Ain’t what they ought to be.

SWISHA MAN SLIM: The black and white divide

UNBREAKABLE BLOODLINE: Remains obscenely real.

RAY CHARLES’ GHOST (THROUGH SISTER RUBY): Ooo, ooo, ooo, Please get a clue

And leave ASU alone.

I wanted them to spend that 2 mill.


We need your help,

We are the ’Bany.

We used to have a lot going on, Now we ain’t got any.

Blight is really scary,

The dropout rate is high.

Maybe Marines will bail us out

Please ... Semper fi.

(With respect to Michael Jackson,

Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones.)

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Cartman 3 years, 1 month ago

Great song! What did they do? String together some squawks?


Sister_Ruby 3 years, 1 month ago

Mr. Carlton, first I'd like to thank you for the props in your itty bitty ditty about our Good Life City. This is the second time you've given me props (the first was a blind mention.....remember that squawk a couple of years ago about spaying and neutering?)

But I need to clear up one thing. I am a Major Prophetess which is a Spiritual Gift from God for truth telling. You refer to me in your ditty basically as a Medium which is someone who communes with the Dead. God strictly forbids to commune with the dead in the Holy Bible so I wish to disavow anything of the sort. But if you'd like to know what's true, just contact me. Thanks.


KaosinAlbany 3 years ago

AWESOME! I couldn't stop laughing.


Sister_Ruby 3 years ago

Fletcher, you can't even name the original members of Traffic (without Googling), nor their spin-off bands, nor their cover songs.

Question: Which pre-Traffic Band's hit song was covered by Chicago on their first Album? (No googling, Fletcher-Know-It-All!!)


Sister_Ruby 3 years ago

In retrospect..........this itty bitty ditty about the Good Life City must have been written post-Wanee-Weed-Fest. Or maybe whilst driving back home. Helps it make more sense to me anyway.


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