Family searching for missing poodle

On March 21, a white toy poodle named Angel belonging to Abby Broome wandered from her yard on Sussex Court (off Beattie Road). That day, she was not wearing her collar due to an injury on her neck. Several witnesses saw two ladies in a white car picking her up off the side of the road, most likely to get her out of harm's way, which we greatly appreciate.

As most pets are, this poodle is the light of her mom's life. She has been with her for the last eight years through good times and bad. She is heartsick! We have scoured Albany and surrounding areas night and day looking for this angel. We have deluged the area with hundreds of flyers, visited every vet's office, followed every single lead, placed stories all over the social media networks and did a feature on News Center 10. There have been reports of many sightings in the area, so we feel confident she is close by. So, please, if you know anything, call us.

We would like to thank all of our friends, family and the entire community for their help and support throughout the last several weeks. Our hearts will remain broken until we get our sweet angel back into our arms again, where she belongs. We miss her very much and will keep searching and praying until the Lord sees fit to bring her back.

There is a $1,000 reward and a $750 pig roast for 50 people donated by Meatslangers for the safe return of this beloved pet. No questions asked; just drop her off at a local vet's office and have them call (229) 349-3334. Thank you so much and God Bless.