Grand jury indicts on drug, DUI charges

ALBANY, Ga. — The Dougherty County grand jury handed down indictments on drug trafficking and drunken driving that caused serious injury Wednesday.

The first drug trafficking indictment was odd because it involved heroin, said Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards. Jeremy Jovan Jackson was indicted on one count of trafficking more than four grams of heroin.

"Heroin has been identified as one of the most dangerous drugs by Georgia law," Edwards said. "I have not seen more than five cases here involving heroin since 1990."

According to court papers, Marvin Baires, aka Marvin Baeres Molina, and Octavio DeJesus Sandoval, aka Octabio Sandobal, were indicted for trafficking in more than 800 grams cocaine.

Eric Monte Wester was indicted for trafficking more than 28 grams cocaine and illegally using a phone to set up the sale. He was named a recidivist with three prior cocaine possession convictions.

James Robert Tucker was indicted for drunken driving, serious injury by vehicle, reckless driving and ignoring a traffic device. The indictment stated that Tucker ignored a red light while driving drunk and crashed his Mercury Grand Marquis so that he "did cause bodily harm to ... by rendering her right eye, a member of her body, useless."