Politicians providing poor leadership

A number of ranters and letter writers are still attempting to blame President Obama for all of America's problems. Of course, Obama has made mistakes.

For several years Democrats and Republicans have provided irresponsible leadership that caused the huge national debt. A few examples are (1) fighting five undeclared wars without selling war bonds to partially pay the expenses (two-thirds of the expenses of World War I and II were paid by war bonds). (2) Congress writes unclear laws to benefit their contributors, like writing guidelines to benefit pharmaceutical firms and doctors when they provide for Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Read my letter on the method used by Congress to write unclear laws ("Cleveland best model for D.C. politicians," March 18, 2012). I could give 25 examples of unclear laws.

Ranters and letter writers should urge reforms to modernize the federal government. A few examples are (a) placing the members of Congress on Social Security and Medicare for retirement and health care benefits, (b) requiring term limits for members of Congress, (c) requiring a single six-year term for presidents and (d) requiring nonpartisan primary elections for local, state and federal governments.

Of course, none of the reforms will ever become laws as long as Democrats and Republicans continue using deceptive political tactics and get re-elected.