President is fanning flames of controversy

Why has Obama not addressed the bounty funded by the Black Panthers for Mr. Zimmerman? Why would Holder or Obama permit this type of bullying, or, as in the past, do the Black Panthers get another free ride? Why did Obama ridicule the accused, the police department and anyone else who sided with Mr. Zimmerman's right to defend himself? What a shameful display of racism. Obama opened his mouth and inserted his foot before all the facts were known, basically convicting Mr. Zimmerman.

Now Obama is inciting more controversy by making a big deal out of showing "To Kill A Mockingbird" in the White House. Why? More race divisions; more controversy. Is he trying to start a race war?

Maybe Obama should look into why the GSA spent so much money on a convention ($27,000 for each attendee); or maybe work on a budget (absent now for more than three years), or find out why most black children don't have a daddy. He could look at his promises from his first campaign and actually complete some. Or he could tell us why no one from Solyndra or other boondoggles have to pay the taxpayer back. He could explain his conversations with the Russian while chastising our allies (Israel). Forget it; the president's goal is to divide and conquer.

As a constitutional lawyer, Obama has the gall to question the Supreme Court; he evidently does not understand the three branches of government. Oh, I forgot ... he thinks he is a dictator. God help the USA.




watchman 3 years, 2 months ago

Now, there you go again Mr. Balch, propagating your hatred toward President Obama and his administration. Why should the President have more to say about the tragedy of T Martin by G Zimmerman? The justice system is at work, there's no need for the President to engage himself in this battle. It must be an awful life for you and others like you to always look for a reason to throw rocks at President Obama. Get over it!


waltspecht 3 years, 2 months ago

What rocks? Simply a statement of facts. The Panthers walked free in the Voter Intimidation, and now the bounty on Zimmerman. Trayvon would have been Obahma's son. I haven't hear that mentioned again since it cam out about Trayvon's Facebook page and his slight problems with Authorities


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