Rezoning doesn’t serve Lee County interests

It’s a real shame that the Lee County commissioners saw it fit to change the zoning for Mr. Eller near the Palmyra Subdivision to commercial. I agree Lee County needs to grow, but by destroying the values of homes by putting commercial property across the street is ridiculous. There is plenty of other land that could be used away from subdivisions.

Would you purchase a $200,000-plus home that was sitting right near commercial property? It’s bad enough that Mr. Eller has recently purchased (at next to nothing) property behind Northampton in Lee County. That land was originally supposed to be used to expand our subdivision, which has strict covenants and only custom homes. The original developer has passed away and Mr. Eller now owns that land and plans on building spec houses in that area and, in order to reach that area, the owners will have to go through our neighborhood to get there.

Property values are low enough. Imagine how it will be when those homes are built. The only one who is benefiting is Gary Eller. It’s all about money, not what is good for Lee County.