Foreign aid, entitlements become a way of life

Foreign aid and unearned entitlement are nothing more than paying tribute to modern-day pirates. Whether we are providing funds to assure support or trying to buy support, it is a tribute being extracted from our treasury.

Just how much of this money is funneled off to individual fortunes is anybody's guess? When we feed, house and provide medical care to individuals that have done nothing other than be born, we are attempting to buy their support. We are also attempting to protect our citizens from the possible repercussions of these individuals having to fend for themselves.

The American government was never intended as a charity yet that is what it has become, from the original commodities distributed to the deserving to the state cards. They not only helped farmers, but now grocers also profit from them.

We all want to look at it as if we are good individuals, helping out deserving people. "We need to aid our fellow man" is another watchphrase that is overworked. I think the fraud in all these programs is an open example of why they don't work. The benefits are allowing generations to exist on the public dole. What was originally meant as a helping hand over a hard time has become a way of life. This money needs to be converted to earned money, with the country receiving some actual benefit from the money.