Government seems 'entitled' to deception

Page Two has heard all about "entitlements" and the possibility that they are somehow the problem to our economy. Entitlement has various meanings, including "a right to benefits specified especially by law or contract."

My Social Security was removed from my check without my permission by a government that promised it would only be voluntary, therefore it is my money stolen from me. We have a government that has not told us the truth since its inception. When World War II was over, the Russian government told the people that "the mother country" would take care of them. It did, and in some fashion little more that to exist rather than to live.

We can soon expect that here unless something changes, but the worst part is young people listening to the government and believing what they are being told. I'm sure they will do something to get their hands on "my entitlement" not so they can use it elsewhere, because they already have, but so they won't have to pay me back.

The upcoming election will probably be the most important one this country has had or ever will have. Think you can trust them? Read "Black Hills, White Justice" to see what happened to the Indians. After signing treaties -- "entitlements"-- the representatives of the government headed back to Washington and were not out of site of the campfires before trying to figure out how to break the treaty they had just signed.

Why don't politicians look at their "entitlements"?

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