Albany thief preys on 94-year-old woman

A bank video-surveillance camera shows a person of interest in a bank-fraud theft case.

A bank video-surveillance camera shows a person of interest in a bank-fraud theft case.

ALBANY -- A 94-year-old woman lost about $30,000 to someone using her ATM card in the course of about a year, Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Capt. Craig Dodd said.

"We're not releasing her name," Dodd said of the victim. "Someone took her money in $2,000 to $5,000 increments. It was reported to us last week."

Dodd released a picture of a woman in wide, round sunglasses driving a gold-colored car that pulled up to an ATM at the Regions Bank on South Slappey Boulevard recently. Dodd said the woman was using the elderly victim's debit card to withdraw cash.

The driver was described as a "person of interest." Dodd said he would like the community to call the sheriff's office or Crime Stoppers if anyone recognizes her.

The DSO captain also warned citizens with elderly relatives to pay attention to their relative's finances. The case came to investigators' attention when the elderly woman's niece began to suspect something was going on.

The crime follows a national trend of rising crime against the elderly, Dodd said. Usually it is identity theft, he added.

"She had no idea the card was missing," Dodd said. "I don't know of any elderly people who can afford a loss like that."

Anyone with additional information is asked to call investigations at (229) 431-3222 or Crime Stoppers at (229) 436-TIPS (8477). If Crime Stoppers is called, officials recommend that the caller reference the case as a sheriff's case.


jglass 3 years ago

It would be nice if banks could pay attention to this kind of activity on someone's debit card. Why on earth would a 94 year old be spending that kind of money one hit at the time? I hope the thief is found and is made to make restitution. So sad that the money was not in a separate savings account where it could not be touched.


Citizen_A 3 years ago

There should be a separate hell for those who steal from elderly people...you have to be a really low down person to do this.


Sister_Ruby 3 years ago

At least she didn't shoot and kill the victim like that other genius did. Check down at the Mercedes dealer and see who's paid cash lately for a nice ride.


agirl_25 3 years ago

I wish you had given more information in the story. I know it said in $3,000 to $5,000 increments but how long does it take someone to realize that is being done? How many debit cards does she have for one account and does she use it herself to do her banking? Does she have someone to come in and act as a personal assistant to her and could she have possibly gotten the card? These are the things I want to know. I consider myself elderly (70) and know where every penny is; know where every debit card is, my credit card and every bit of cash is. There is so much left out of the story. I hate it when you run pieces like that and leave so many loose ends..it makes we elderly look like buffoons and we are not.


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