Mental illness should be addressed, not ignored

Upon watching an interview with a renowned psychiatrist last week on "The View," and the ensuing questions and answers, I am once again amazed by our reluctance in admitting the real issues associated with the carnage occuring in our society.

Some chose to blame gun laws, some a lack of education, others parental involvement, while the obvious continues to elude nearly everyone.

Mental illness is, without question, an issue that has been ignored, denied and swept under the rug for far too long by parents, teachers, friends and loved ones.

Rearing its ugly head also is the ever present stigma associated with brain disorders, which explains the denial and reluctance of so many families to face facts and seek help.

Personally, I will never comprehend why mental illness seems to incur shame while physical illnesses are addressed with caring sympathetic understanding and help at every turn!

Secrets and shame should not be any more a part of this illness then any other and with proper diagnosis, professional treatment, community involvement and support, can be overcome, with loved ones achieving full, successful and happy lives. Our greatest enemy is denial. Our best friends are knowledge and hope!

Should you suspect a family member is troubled, be it moodiness, depression, withdrawal or noticeable personality changes, the National Alliance on Mental Illness stands ready to help, offering hope to you and your loved one.

For further information, please feel free to call (229) 883-3191, as we all need to pull together to counter these increasingly frequent, unnecessary tragedies.




LuLu 2 years, 8 months ago

You lost any credibility with me the moment you said you watch "The View". You might as well go ahead and admit that you watch Jerry Springer and Cheaters, too.


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