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Police/Fire/EMS - August 9, 2012

ALBANY, Ga. — Albany police responded to at least 42 incidents Tuesday into the early hours of Wednesday, according to available police reports. Police responded to incidents including:

— Entering auto on the 400 block of Hodges Avenue and the 1900 block Clark Avenue;

— Injured person on the 300 block of McCray Street;

— Identity theft on the 1900 block of Edgerly Avenue;

— Motor vehicle theft on the 2300 block of Greenleaf Court;

— Burglary on the 900 block of Hobson Street, the 1900 block of Riverview Circle, the 1000 block of Blakely Court, the 1700 block of Whitney Avenue, the 2000 block of East Oglethorpe Boulevard and the 2000 block of Lafayette Circle;

— Theft by taking on the 1600 block of South Slappey Boulevard and the 1400 block of Whispering Pines Road;

— Battery on the 300 block of West First Avenue;

— Disorderly conduct on the 300 block of Flintside Drive;

— Injured person on the 1600 block of Pineview Avenue;

— Theft of services on the 2400 block of Brierwood Drive;

— Assault (domestic) on the 2000 block of Leonard Avenue and the 500 block of Johnson Road;

— Domestic on the 1700 block of Sanford Drive;

— Battery, criminal trespass (domestic) on the 200 block of Cordele Road;

— Assault, battery (domestic) on the 1700 block of Greenvale Road.


Dougherty County police responded to at least 13 calls, according to police reports.

Police responded to incidents including:

— Domestic (verbal) on the 1300 block of Clover Lane and the 1900 block of Covey Road;


The Dougherty County Emergency Medical Service responded to 55 calls on Tuesday.

There were 39 medical calls and 16 trauma calls. Medical Calls and trauma calls included :

— Five respiratory issues, three chest pains, 24 various medical calls, 10 vehicle crash victims and two falls.


The Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to at least 20 calls.

— Child custody call on the 100 block of Long Pine Drive;

— Missing juvenile on the 100 block of Winding Way;

— Entering auto on the 100 block of Tallokas Court;

— Vehicle crash on the 1200 block of Highway 82;

— Fight on the 1300 block of Highway 82.

ALBANY FIRE DEPARTMENT: The Albany Fire Department responded to 40 incidents including:

— Three electric shorts, assist Albany Police Department, extricate victim from vehicle crash, two oven-grease smoke, two motor vehicle crashes, two unattended cooking, three trash bin fires, bomb threat, grass fire, four unauthorized burns, seven activated alarms, five false alarms, overheated air conditioner, overheated vehicle, two cardiac arrests, cable problem, telephone line down, a gas odor , public service program and a trash fire.