Misinformation hurts recycling bottom line

Eric Lavely, the manager at Automotive Core Supply in Sylvester, says the new laws didn’t hurt the metal recycling business — misinformation did.

Eric Lavely, the manager at Automotive Core Supply in Sylvester, says the new laws didn’t hurt the metal recycling business — misinformation did.

ALBANY — Frustrated metal-recycling business managers are asking for accurate information on new laws impacting their business.

“It isn’t the new laws that are killing our business,” said Eric Lavely, manager of Automotive Cores Supply of Sylvester. “It is the false information put out there on TV that the public doesn’t realize is false.”

Along with his office manager, Elizabeth Kenna, Lavely said there were three things that are wrong with online and broadcast reports.

Kenna explained there can be no cash payments to people who bring metal in to sell as scrap. The scrap business can cut a check at the time the metal is handed over.

“They said you have to wait a week,” Kenna said. “That is just wrong.”

Lavely chimed in and said that as an alternative a voucher can be issued. The voucher must be held for three days and then redeemed at the recycling business for cash.

Kenna said another report falsely stated that people have to register with the sheriff’s office to turn in scrap metal at a dealer’s business. That is not true, she added. Due to her complaints, online information on that issue was deleted online, she said.

Registration involves the scrap-metal dealers registering with authorities, just like many other businesses register for their licenses. Kenna said that regular people with some junk, maybe stuff from their garage, to get rid of are free to come in and sell their junk.

The effect of misinformation on the scrap metal business has greatly added to the general decline in metal sales also impacted by lower prices, Lavely said.

“We’ve gone down 50-60,000 pounds a day,” Lavely said. “I’ve laid off five people.”

Lavely likes the new laws that make it more difficult for thieves to sneak stolen materials in. He doesn’t want stolen metal.

Law enforcement agencies such as the Albany Police Department have said that new laws have reduced thefts of stolen copper and other metals.

Using checks costs Lavely’s business because the banks charge businesses for checks beyond a prescribed number. The good effect is that he doesn’t keep much cash on hand, he said.

There are people who do depend on finding scrap metal such as aluminum cans, old appliances and other junk as a matter of survival. They will just have to take a voucher and wait three days for cash, or find a way to cash a check if they don’t have a checking account, according to the new laws effective July 1.

Chip Koplin of Schnitzer Southeast couldn’t say how much the new laws have affected the Schnitzer business, but he supports them.

“All I can say is that we have had a lot of calls about the laws,” Koplin said. “You can get the laws at georgiarecyclers.org.”


bigbob 3 years, 3 months ago

Maybe if these bussinesses hadn't bought air conditioner cowls & other copper from the same thieves everyday they wouldn't have lost all that bussiness. There is no way these businesses didn't know this metal was stolen but they were making alot of money so the blind eye thing, wink wink. Now they can live with it.


TheWatcher 3 years, 3 months ago

They pay a small amount ($ 2.00 to $3.00 per pound)for the copper, but sell it in a large quantity (2,000 pounds) + and they get $7.00 to $10.00 per pound. Yes they are losing money because the do not have the weight to sell.


Thest8nerofbobandwatch 3 years, 3 months ago

Supprised that people so stupid could even read this artical. Thousands of air conditioner (COILS) the correct spelling are sold every day buy by many legitimate scrappers that buy the complete A/C units from Repair facilities disasseble (torn the thingamagig apart for Bob and Watcher) and recycle the material all of it not just the COWLS. Idiot LMAO. As for the blind moron watching re-runs of The Beverly Hillbillies, play out in real life instead of looking into yes I said LOOKING (for you TheWatcher incase you were to slow to relize i was talking to you. I typed it slow. So you could keep up.) Go to the local library and ask to use the T.V with seperate button and type in www.KITCO.com Pure copper delivered to the smelters today is at $3.37 now pay someone to unload and weight, someone to input all the info into the computer and pay, and then the cost of shipping it to the mill. Cost about .07 That means they get paid 10% profit or less if they pay $3.00 Supprise mental M I D G E T


bigbob 3 years, 3 months ago

Well moron the report of A/C thefts every night on the news sure has stopped now hasn't it. Sounds like your mad because they past this law which hurt your income. Maybe you could try a real job.


Thest8nerofbobandwatch 3 years, 3 months ago

Ok Idiot let me break this down for you retards one more time. The news feed was about misinformation that the media put out (WALB) about the law not A/C theft. The accusations you make are about the scrap yard employees. My Income is not hurt from anything that happens In Ga. It is you showing a huge lack of intelligence with your comments, and lack of engage brain before running mouth. The Law is extremely narrow-minded in its effort to fight crime. If they passed the same law for people selling anything used and everyone that wanted to sell to pawn shops, thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, online, and countless other places thought they had to pay a $200 registration fee for every county they wanted to sell in it would have a major slow down in all of the above. WOW IDIOT that makes everyone that sells anything a thief in your book because there would also be a slow down in burglaries on the news. Please Take heed in this comment so you don't continue to look like such an IDIOT.


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