Medical staff provide excellent care for patient

Upon my first visit to Dr. Hollard Wright, a peridontist who replaced retired Dr. Thomas Mitcham, I am greatly impressed with the service received.

I was transported by Mr. Albert Simmons on the wheelchair accessible van. On that day, July 19, we experienced two minor problems, namely the portable ramp and the van.

Awaiting the transfer to another ramp/door, I had to sit outside for a brief period. I was assisted by Mr. Simmons, Dr. Holland and his staff, Katrina (my caregiver) and Ann. They made sure I was comfortable, hydrated, shading me with an umbrella.

I must let the community know that the outreach ministries of my church, Mt. Zion Baptist, Dr. Daniel Simmons, pastor, is not surpassed. All who I have named displayed kindness, patience and superb professionalism for which I am appreciative.

We often put off what we can do today for tomorrow. Since I am an advocate of that slogan, I am putting in writing the habit of my trying to practice said slogan. Tomorrow may be too late. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.