Government starving its economic horses

Page Two and the Wagon

In the beginning, there was plenty and everyone worked and had a good life; the government was happy. Life was moving and the people were fat; the government was happy.

Congress was short on money and they saw that the post office was making a lot of money, so they decided to "milk the cash cow'; the government was happy.

Before long, the post office was deep in debt, but the government saw that Social Security had excess money, so they moved it into the general fund that they might balance the budget; the government was happy.

The government built a wagon and hooked four horses to it; the government was happy. They let people ride free and there was great celebration; the government was happy. As the horses pulled the wagon, they became tired but the government forced them to continue; the government was happy.

As the horses pulled the wagon, the government allowed more people to ride free; the government was happy. When the wagon had reached its maximum capacity, the horses stopped as they could not pull the load any more, and the people wanted someone else to get off. The Government looked down and declared, "We have the answer," and they built a bigger wagon, and the Government was happy.

The horses starved, the people were angry, but the government was concerned about self, and the government was happy

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waltspecht 1 year, 8 months ago

About like the old tail of the chicken you ate and then complained about the lack of eggs


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