Politicians sell out for their own profit

You have a set number of people looking for work. There are way less jobs that these people would accept available than there are people looking. Each year there are more people looking. We keep producing more job applicants than the jobs that are created.

Then there are those that either can't or won't work. They seem to be listed as non-job seekers, even though they are unemployed. The numbers are far worse than what is being released. They use statistics to hide the true numbers.

Now, look at when there were enough jobs for those willing to work. Whatever happened to those jobs? Like a pack of idiots, we allowed our government to sign treaties that sent those jobs overseas. Then we developed and enforced all sorts of regulations to encourage this outsourcing. We believed the lies that our people were greedy and demanded too much money for their labor.

Well, now other countries are up and coming and we are falling -- all because our politicians worried more about lining their own pockets than protecting the American Dream.




QUIK 2 years, 11 months ago

Technology has advance so we need fewer workers. We need to think smarter. Politicans only say what we want to hear. In the future jobs will more advanced as time moves on. T. Wright


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