State unemployment is up; a newspaper walkout; and prison cell phone scandal top the Morning Minute

Student newspaper employees walk out in protest

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) — Students who work for a University of Georgia newspaper are protesting a decision they say gives control over stories to non-students.

Students at the The Red & Black newspaper walked out Wednesday night after a non-student was named editorial director with final say on editorial content, The Athens Banner-Herald reported.

The newspaper's editor-in-chief, UGA student Polina Marinova, was among staffers who walked out. It happened after Ed Morales, who had been the paper's editorial adviser and then became editorial director, was given full editorial control of the newspaper, the students said.

Morales did not immediately return messages Thursday morning from The Associated Press.

Permanent employees who are not students are being hired, design editor Amanda Jones told The Banner-Herald.

"The students have lost control of the paper, and a student newspaper is supposed to be run by students," she said.

The changes were outlined in an Aug. 6 email from Kent Middleton, head of the journalism department at UGA's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication and a member of The Red & Black's board of directors.


Georgia's jobless rate rises to 9.3 percent

ATLANTA (AP) — State labor officials say Georgia's jobless rate rose to 9.3 percent in July, which is up from 9 percent in June.

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler says a main reason for the increase is a large number of temporary layoffs in manufacturing. However, Butler says many of those workers who were laid off have already gone back to work.

The seasonally adjusted numbers were released early Thursday.

Labor officials say there were 56,540 first-time claims for unemployment insurance benefits in July, up 15.7 percent from June, with the temporary manufacturing layoffs accounting for most of that increase.

Georgia's labor force increased by 7,731 new jobseekers to 4,765,132 in July. That's up from 4,757,401 in June. Georgia's labor force has increased 14 of the past 15 months.


Police: Inmate coordinated robberies from prison

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (AP) — Police say a man convicted in metro Atlanta jewelry store robberies coordinated the crimes from a prison about 250 miles miles away by using a contraband cell phone.

Authorities tell WSB Radio that the case underscores the problems caused by illegal cell phones in Georgia prisons.

Gwinnett County police investigators say Deuntria Lyons orchestrated the heists from his prison cell at Smith State Prison in Glennville.

Detective David Brucz says Lyons sent text messages from prison instructing others where to meet and how he wanted them to carry out the robberies. Brucz says he also instructed others how to split up the stolen merchandise.

Lyons this week was found guilty of 13 counts in connection with the robberies of Barron's Fine Jewelry and Tara Fine Jewelry in suburban Atlanta.


Ga. Congressman Lewis to discuss digital divide

ATLANTA (AP) — U.S. Rep. John Lewis will appear at a rally to advocate for better Internet access for the poor.

The Georgia Congressman plans to appear Thursday at Carver High School along with Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Georgia Schools Superintendent John Barge will also attend.

The rally is meant to draw attention to what advocates say is the need for expanded broadband access and better computer literacy in poor communities.


bigbob 3 years, 3 months ago

And yet these dumba$$es around here will still vote black. I would say democrat but thats not what their voting for, their voting black period.


brudderfromanuddermudder 3 years, 3 months ago

bigbob what church do you go to. Your not a Baptist since they declared racism a sin back in 1994 (maybe you are a sining Baptist). They also elected a black man to head the Southern Baptist Convention this year (didn't see that one coming did ya). The statement isn't "they still vote black" (since I have voted for a white person several times). The question is, Will you vote for someone who is black? Judging from your comments, I doubt it, seriously. But there is always "Hope and Change".


Trustbuster 3 years, 3 months ago

Unemployment rate is now above the national average. The stimulus plan has failed to create lasting jobs. I could have easily predicted this. Even more troubling is the discouraged workers are not being counted anymore by the DOL. Kudos for the Washington politicians.


Kay523 3 years, 3 months ago

Deal has screwed GA further into the ground with his policies and the Georgia General Assembly has poured gas on the fire. The federal help has been turned away for ideological reasons. Oh well, two more years of the "Real Deal".


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