Chehaw to celebrate 75th anniversary

ALBANY — Chehaw officials are announcing the celebration of its 75th anniversary with an event 10 a.m.-2 p.m. today.

Krispy Kreme, which is also celebrating it 75th anniversary, will be giving complimentary doughnuts to the public.

“It will be a cake event,” said Kevin Hils, zoo director. “Some of the staff at Chehaw will sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the park and the public is invited to join in.”

According to Hils, there will be “animal enrichments,” or birthday treats of melons and popsicles, for the bears and lemurs.

“The animals with popsicles are always fun to watch,” Hils said. “Everyone enjoys that.”

In the afternoon, the alligators will be fed and visitors can attend the educational presentations most likely involving a beaver and a bird of prey, Hils said.

Admission to the park is free for the month of August, Hils said.

There is a charge of $6.75 for adults and $5.75 for children to enter the Wild Animal Park, where celebration activities are held.

Chehaw members are admitted free.