Liberals have a low opinion of voting public’s intelligence

I am really frustrated! Look at the liberals’ attack ads that appeared immediately following the announcement that Romney had appointed Paul Ryan to be his vice presidential running mate. Immediately the liberals re-released an earlier attack ad showing the likeness of Paul Ryan pushing a senior citizen in a wheelchair and dumping her over a cliff to her death. The ad, of course, was to convince the voting public that the conservatives have no concern for “granny” (spelled senior citizens) and would happily kill her off to end entitlements.

When the “Occupiers” initiated their March on Wall Street, damaging or destroying public and personal property and interrupting the lives of many citizens who were trying to get back and forth to their workplaces, Nancy Pelosi was on TV saying, “Thank God for these Occupiers” without regard for the people whose lives were interrupted by the Occupiers.

The president has been making speeches in which he claims the conservatives want the country to have dirty air and water so the rich can get richer. And so it goes, on and on.

Give me a break. Obviously, the liberals running for office have a low opinion about their constituents, assuming they are so dumb they will fall for anything. Surely the liberal constituency knows conservatives are not as portrayed. Conservatives breathe the same air and drink the same water. Conservatives want our country to prosper, want everyone in this country to have the chance, through personal choice and effort, to achieve their goals.

Please, all taxpaying voters, don’t accept the portrayal that you are too dumb to think. Look at the facts. Study the issues. Be knowledgeable and vote. Vote proudly for how you want this country to be.




tccvc 3 years, 3 months ago

2 words Mr. Russell (Death Panels),


waltspecht 3 years, 3 months ago

Every registered VOTER needs to get out and cast a ballot this November. Otherwise there will simply be more of the same, and we'll be crying and complaining for another four years. Vote early, vote absentee, vote on election day, but vote!


waltspecht 3 years, 3 months ago

It is an embarassment that only around 5,000 voted in the Republican Primary runoff. This is sending the message to Bishop that he doesn't have that much to worry about. Folks are just to lazy to dop their Civic Duty and Vote.


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