White: Rams have work to do before Sept. 1 opener

Albany State football coach Mike White saw several things that his team needs to work on after watching game film from Saturday's scrimmage.

Albany State football coach Mike White saw several things that his team needs to work on after watching game film from Saturday's scrimmage.

ALBANY — Mike White and his assistant coaches at Albany State have poured over film of Saturday’s scrimmage for the past few days.

And after endless hours of rewinding, pausing and critiquing, White said he is sure of one thing: The Rams need to get better.

“When you come into camp you have some goals you set for yourself as a staff and a team, and (watching the film) shows we still have a little way to go,” White said.

White hesitated after Saturday’s first, and only, scrimmage to give much insight about the practice game until he had time to watch film, but Tuesday he said there were several things his team needs to address before the Sept. 1 season opener against North Greenville.

On Saturday, ASU’s defense shut out the offense in a 48-play controlled scrimmage and scored on a returned fumble by Jeremy Reynolds, but there were several miscues that were exposed when the coaches watched the film.

“There are a lot of things on our defense that we still have to get better at, like (containing plays on the) perimeter,” White said. “We also allowed a couple of deep passes where receivers got behind us, so there are some things that we still need to work on. And for all of the mistakes we made defensively, the offense not scoring is even more disappointing.”

Tuesday’s practice was the first time the Rams got back on the field after Saturday’s scrimmage, and senior defensive lineman Justin Blash said the players were eager to correct their miscues.

“We have been watching the film pretty heavy and have been working on our mistakes,” Blash said. “(Tuesday) we came out here and were ready to attack and get off the ball. It really showed (Tuesday) that we were focused.”

While there are several areas the Rams are working to correct, White said the scrimmage wasn’t all bad news.

“I like the numbers we are putting on the field, and I like the way we chase the ball,” White said about the defense. “Those are the two positives that we can go forward with. We are playing a lot of guys, and we are really going after the football.”

White also saw some positives on the offensive side of the ball as well, including the offensive line, which played all 48 snaps in the mid-afternoon heat without a break. Other players on the offense noticed the line’s performance, too.

“They went every play. They were the only ones who didn’t get a break,” running back Kareem Hess said.

“I told them, ‘Great job’ afterwards. Fifty plays non-stop is something.”

But overall, White is looking for something more.

“We will still build from (the scrimmage) and will still teach and try to take one step at a time and see if we can get some things done,” White said. “I know time is not on our side, but it’s the only way I know to make sure we get it down the way we are supposed to. Because it is going to take time. We will be better, but how much better and how soon, we will see.”