Akin supporters lacking in response

I am getting a much clearer understanding of the life, financial status, sexual disadvantage and political brain of women in America. The recent “alien” comments of Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin on what’s a “legitimate rape” says more about the lack of response from his female supporters.

Like the lack of an opposing effort in Albany to a mega hospital trying to monopolize the birthing delivery care process, strong female leadership is missing in action. The lack of protest from Mr. Akin’s women supporters reminds me of this scenario. A husband beats his wife and the wife feels she did something wrong to justify the abuse because “normally he’s a nice guy.” It’s one thing for women of the opposing party to voice disdain on the Todd Akin rape comments, but for his female supporters to not rethink their support or voice any kind of opposition is mind boggling.

Now I see why women continue to be second-class citizens. So my advice to GOP men is to continue to define a women’s rape definition, health care options and role in society since women are not united in their most basic functions. You should never help someone who believes they should be controlled.




waltspecht 3 years, 3 months ago

I'm glad the individual was open and honest enough to show his true colors. My, that is refreshing in a lying political enviornment. Can you imagine if all the Politicians were so open and honest with their constituants? Imagine if this President presented his true agenda? I think it is time for an accountability of statements made dueing elections.


QUIK 3 years, 3 months ago

I totally agree!! Honesty doesn't have to be true or have an majority. Politicians won't speak the truth mainly because most citizens can't handle the truth of THEIR own involvement to create the problems. T.Wright


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