Meigs Mayor Wurst resigns

MEIGS, Ga. — There is a dearth of leadership in the small Thomas County community of Meigs these days.

Mayor Andrew Wurst submitted his letter of resignation last week. Wurst is apparently stepping down from his position as mayor because he’s leaving town, Meigs City Attorney Tommy Coleman said.

Wurst’s exodus exacerbates a growing leadership vacuum in the city. Two City Council members have already resigned, making Mayor Pro-Tem Cynthia Chaney’s job of running the city even more difficult.

“We’re going to try and pull the city up by our bootstraps and get things taken care of,” the 20-year Army veteran said. “We’ve got some issues, but I think we can deal with them.”

Coleman said Meigs will hold a special election in November to fill the two commission seats, but that because of the timing of Wurst’s departure, it could be March before a special election is held to fill the mayor’s seat.

Meigs, like many municipal governments, is struggling. Some affiliated with the government say the city is spending money hand-over-fist trying to keep the water flowing to some areas.

The struggles have prompted rumors that Meigs may be looking to dissolve itself and assimilate into Thomas County.

It’s something Chaney says isn’t true.

“There’s no truth to that rumor,” he said. “As a council, we haven’t discussed disbanding our charter.”


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