VIDEO OF THE DAY: Woman uses 'strategy' to defend home from burglar

From Houston's FOX 26 -

Burglars beware: you don't want to mess with 73-year old Margaret Jackson.

Friday afternoon, Jackson returned from Beaumont and stopped by her daughter's house in northeast Houston.

"I wanted to rest. I was tired, so I sat down on the armchair," Jackson said.

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Her daughter's yorkie, Zach, kept running back and forth to the back door, barking.

"So I got up and went to look, but I went to the side window. I looked out and saw this man."

He was trying to jimmy the back door with a credit card.

"I need to get a strategy," she said.

She went into the kitchen and cast about for a weapon. They didn't have any large knives handy, but she found a pair of scissors and a BBQ fork.

"I said this is a weapon. This is sturdy," she said.

Rather than wait for him to get in, she changed the game by charging out, moving as quickly as she could on her arthritic knee.

"I pushed the door on him and then he pushed it back on me and he took off running and I got him in the back of the neck with this, just bam," she said making a stabbing motion with her hand.

The hapless burglar fled, vaulting over the fence and disappearing into the neighborhood.

Houston Police officers searched for the failed burglar with dogs, but couldn't find him.

Jackson said they were laughing hysterically and told her that it was the funniest thing they could remember for a long time.

When asked if she thought he'd return, she answered, "No, he won't. He's probably telling all his friends not to come here because there's a dangerous old lady there!"


fatdaddygamer 2 years, 11 months ago

something WRONG with this lady. she's nuts. or just likes the camera.


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