Romney running with demanding GOP base

In this presidential race, facts are as hard to find as a needle in a haystack. Each candidate is demonized but can we find some facts about each? I want to walk a tightrope of not giving my opinion until the end about Gov. Mitt Romney.

In 2006 as governor, Mitt Romney signed to law the Massachusetts Health Care Law which mandates that every resident obtain state regulated health insurance coverage. Mr. Romney believes in reversal of Roe vs. Wade. He would also end federal aid to Planned Parenthood. On immigration, he favors self-deportation and opposes the Dream Act. Mr. Romney wants to extend the Bush era tax cuts to everyone. Mr. Romney signed a permanent assault weapon ban for Massachusetts in 2004. Mr. Romney is a member of the Mormon Church of Latter-day Saints founded by Joseph Smith. Mr. Romney has an estimated wealth of over $200 million, which some are in off-shore blind trust accounts. During the GOP primary Mr. Romney challengers accused him of being a flip-flopper, a vulture capitalist and an Etch A Sketch candidate.

It's too early to predict the presidential results, but Mr. Romney seems to have a very demanding base. Mr. Romney's supporters seem to be voting against his opponent more than voting for him. To capture the majority of independent voters he must lean away from the carnival performers in his party. Independent voters are a dying breed these days that still possess some common sense and honest free thinking. Either way, Mr. Romney must develop a greater sense of what I call "stand alone convictions."